Our new wing of primary health centres, Vida Clinics is committed to bring exceptional healthcare standards through the combined experience and expertise of various medical disciplines. Vida means life, and, for us the belief with compassionate care and personalized attention is the driving force behind Vida Clinics.
Helping patients recover and gain quality of life is the most amazing experience during my tenure at Vida Clinics as a Specialist Orthopedician.
Dr. Mahesh Vidhani
CEO and Specialist Orthopedician

Our Vision
To be a leader in high quality healthcare services in the region.

Our Mission
To continue to improve the health of people from all walks of life through compassionate, affordable and high-quality care.

Our Values
We are here to better understand your needs. Our promise is at the heart of everything we do for you.

We understand your role in your healthcare and are there to support you in your quest to improve health and to fight illness. We want you to become an active decision maker in your healthcare.

As dedicated partners in your health care team our physicians and staff understand their responsibility to provide you with the best advice in your choice of preventing and managing illness. Our team who are armed with years of experience, knowledge and expertise recognize the need to keep abreast of the advances in healthcare, so that we may provide you with the best choices.
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